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Carbon tax and climate finance (in French)

By Emmanuel Combet & Jean-Charles Hourcade

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17 October 2017

[English] [français]

The carbon tax is not popular in France. Due to an anti-fiscal reflex, it is critized as a measure which hits mostly the poorest population, a constraint on economic development, or even a "disconnected-from-reality " whim.
However, carbon finance and carbon taxation can become a tremendous tool for social justice and development, while accompanying the necessary changes to achieve the targets of the Paris Agreement on climate risks’management.
Using computer simulations, authors show how to combine a carbon tax with a range of key policies such as collective bargaining, housing and land use planning.
Carbon tax lays the ground for an overall fiscal and financial reform, oriented towards the ecological transition.

ISBN 978-2-36383-163-7
Publication date : Maiy 4th, 2017
150 p., 14 euros
The "policies of the transition" - "politiques de la transition"

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