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December 2015: « Transition Policies » Series

For an Ecological and Social Transition. Creating social justice while tackling the environmental challenges

12 November 2015

[English] [français]


How to accelerate the transition of our economies and societies towards well-being and sustainability?

Alerting on the “climate threat” will not be enough: fear paralyses us more than it enables us to act. A positive and shared narrative is urgently needed, mobilizing the principle of social justice through its proposals. The environmental crises reinforce inequalities, as much as inequalities increase environmental damages.

The authors state that we need to redefine social progress from the environmental point of view, aiming for equality, employment and social care. What tools for environmental justice should we put in place? Will “greening” capitalism be enough? Or do we need a new economic paradigm? Which role to play for the Unions in such transition? How to share the new risks in order to minimize the impact?

This book highlights ten proposals to turn the social and environmental transition into a new democratic horizon.

Éloi Laurent is an economist for the French Observatory of economic conjunctures (OFCE). He is also a professor at Sciences Po and Stanford and wrote many books on economy and ecology.

Philippe Pochet is managing director of the European Trade Unions Institute (ETUI).


ISBN 978-2-36383-189-7

Release date: 2015, November 12th.

100 p., 10 euros

Order this book (available in French only): des Petits Matins.

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