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Critical materials: assessing the EU strategy

Emilie Normand & Emmanuel Hache, 6 March 2024

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Find the article extracted from this note in issue 101 of the journal Economie politique.

Ask your questions to Emmanuel Hache, co-author of the article, during a webinar on the subject on Monday, March 11th at 1:00 PM.

The low-carbon transition triggered a proliferation of critical minerals-related strategies and public policies around the globe. The EU is no exception: the 2023 Critical Raw Materials Act sets targets for increasing European extraction (10% of its annual consumption), refining (40%), and recycling (25%).

This is a major challenge, both in terms of speed of adaptations, complexity and social acceptability.
This note highlights several obstacles and discusses possible solutions. It particularly stresses the overall need for cross-sector policies to increase material sufficiency.

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