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New purposes for the economy:

A Report from Idies, Veblen Institute and FEP: New Wealth Indicators at Stake.

by Géraldine Thiry and Adeline Gueret

18 October 2015

[English] [français]

GDP is often subject to criticism. Last April, the French parliament voted a law which stated that alternative indicators to GDP should be used for public policies guidance. However, opting for these indicators is raising a number of questions.

The Idies (Institute for the development of economic and social information), in partnership with the Veblen Institute and the Fep (Political Ecology Foundation), have devoted their 2015 report to these indicators.

The report (available only in French) is written by Géraldine Thiry (Leuven University, Belgium) and Adeline Gueret (student at at ENSAE, former intern for Veblen Institute).

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