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Hugues Chenet

Hugues Chenet is an associate professor of sustainability at IÉSEG, and a research associate at University College London (UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources) and at the Energy and Prosperity Chair (Fondation du Risque). D. from the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, he was a researcher at the Japanese Space Agency and then a consultant in risk management in finance, before co-founding the think tank 2° Investing Initiative in 2012.

His research interests include the role, responsibilities and new constraints facing the financial system in relation to climate change and sustainability issues. In this capacity, he has been a visiting researcher at the Japan Financial Supervisory Authority (Japan FSA) and has contributed to the work of the Planetary Health programme at the Martin School (University of Oxford). His latest work with Mariana Mazzucato’s team (UCL-IIPP) focuses on the need for precautionary approaches to financial regulation in the face of ongoing global disruptions and the radical uncertainty that characterises them.

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Recent publications:
Chenet, H., J. Ryan-Collins, F. van Lerven (2021) "Finance, climate-change and radical uncertainty: Towards a precautionary approach to financial policy", Ecological Economics, 183,
Chenet, H. (2021) "Climate change and financial risk", book chapter in "Financial Risk Management and Modeling", Springer (Risk, Systems and Decisions series), Ed. R. Benkraiem, I. Kalaitzoglou, C. Zopounidis, ISBN 978-3-030-66690-3, forthcoming (WP version:
Zamarioli, L., P. Pauw, M. König, H. Chenet (2021) "Climate consistent flows and the transformation of global finance", Nature Climate Change, forthcoming
Ameli, N., O. Dessens, M. Winning, J. Cronin, H. Chenet, P. Drummond, A. Calzadilla, G. Anandarajah, M. Grubb (2021) "Higher cost of finance exacerbates a climate investment trap in developing economies", Nature Communications, forthcoming
A. Rambaud and H. Chenet (2021) "How to re-conceptualise and re-integrate climate finance into society through ecological accounting", Bankers Markets and Investors, sp.issue on Green Finance, forthcoming. (WP version :

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