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Smart SCOs’ : effective change strategies for the Great Transition

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Veblen Institute is member of the "SmartSCOs" collaborative network, among organisations like Greenpeace International, WWF-UK, Friends of the Earth Europe, think-and-do-tanks as New Economics Foundation, Wuppertal Collaborative Center, etc.

A myriad of civil society organisations (CSOs) all over the planet are working hard to tackle global environmental and social challenges.
Yet, in spite of the many successes, the global sustainability crisis remains unresolved and is indeed becoming dangerously severe at many fronts.

This network has the ambition to stimulate debate among CSO leaders and strategists, funders and academics about the adequateness of current CSO strategies. We analyse where potential weaknesses of current CSO strategies can be found. Subsequently – drawing
on knowledge from theory and practice across a range
of disciplines – the paper suggests a number of leverage
points that CSOs can explore to develop more effective
strategies and become stronger change agents
towards tackling the global sustainability crisis.

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