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Opinion of the French High Council on Climate about the ECT modernization

Mathilde Dupré, 19 October 2022

The French High Council on Climate (1) has published on 19 October an opinion about the ECT modernization. This opinion was requested by French Members of Parliament from several political parties.

The main messages of this opinion are :

"The High Climate Council concludes that the ECT, even in a modernised form, is not compatible with the 2030 climate commitments and objectives of France and the European Union."

"A coordinated withdrawal from the ECT by France and the EU, coupled with a neutralisation of its ’survival clause’, appears to be the least risky option for respecting of the national, European and international climate commitments. Such a withdrawal would also raise awareness among all other signatories and limit the geographical limit the geographical extension of the ECT to new parties who would be exposed to the same risks of the same risks of incompatibility between the treaty’s provisions and the pursuit of their climate objectives."

(1) The High Council on Climate (HCC) is an independent body tasked with issuing advice and recommendations to the French government on the delivery of public measures and policies aimed at reducing France’s greenhouse gas emissions. Its purpose is to provide independent insight on government climate policy. The HCC was established on 27 November 2018 by the President of the Republic and then by Decree in May 2019. Its members are chosen for their expertise in the fields of climate science, economics, agronomy and energy transition.

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