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Banking and Financial regulation

The Veblen Institute supports Finance Watch

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Last June, European elected officials in charge of regulating financial markets and banks launched a call to civil society to organize the creation of a non-governmental organization capable of developing a counter-expertise on activities carried out on financial markets by the major operators (banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, etc ...).

This call has been given the name Finance Watch. Its objective is to end the imbalance between the force of the financial industry and the absence of lobbying from NGOs in the financial field, which is a democratic problem.

The first signatories have since been joined by around one hundred European officials, and equally by national and regional officials from several countries of the European Union. You can find the list of signatories here.

Finance Watch is on the rise!

2010 was the year of the call, 2011 will be that of the birth of Finance Watch, centred around a European centre for expertise, communication and lobbying to create a counter-expertise to the banks.

Since the launch of the call, several steps have been taken to give substance to Finance Watch. Several meetings have taken place in Paris, Brussels and Berlin between the signatory European officials and several associations - European NGOs, trade unions, think tanks, academics - to discuss problems linked to this imbalance. Thanks to these meetings, it was possible to share analyses and discuss some concrete proposals.

Work financed by some European Officials and "la Fondation pour le Progrès de l’Homme" has enabled the creation of a mission statement and to clarify the values of Finance Watch as well as to define the rules of the organisation and its financing.

Take part in Finance Watch

Finance Watch is moving forward step by step, and you can take part and support the association when it’s formally established. You can leave your contact details here

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