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About the Campaign

18 October 2015

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The campaign for responsability in trade agreements is focusing on transatlantic trade negociations between EU and US (TTIP); EU and Canada (CETA) and on the Trade in Services Agreement negociated among more than 50 states.

The campaign for responsability in trade agreements is conducted by Veblen Institute. We belong to a European network of civil society organizations working in close collaboration with representatives from Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) : the Fair Economy Alliance

Our role is to analyse the potential effects on SMEs of trade agreements which are currently being negotiated. We aim to inform public debate about potential risks to local economies in Europe and in North America. We believe that claims that current trade agreements were created to support SMEs are largely unfounded and misleading. For example no proper Impact Assessments have been conducted and SMEs have not been properly engaged or informed.

Veblen Institute campaigns for a socially and ecologically responsible European economic model, including trade agreements which contribute to the common good and provide a level playing field for all producers, not primarily benefiting large transnational companies.

This Veblen Institute for Economic reforms’ project is supported by the Schöpflin Stiftung and the Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation.

Five questions SME businesses need to ask themselves about TTIP, February 2015

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