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Benjamin Lemoine

Benjamin Lemoine is a research fellow in political sociology at the CNRS. He is a specialist in sovereign debt and in the analysis of the links between States and globalized financial markets within the Political Sociology of the Economy team at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research in Sociology, Economics and Political Science (IRISSO) at the University of Paris Dauphine.
His thesis, "Les Valeurs de la dette. L’État à l’épreuve de la dette publique" (Mines ParisTech-CSI, 2011) was awarded a prize by the French Political Science Association.
His work focuses on public debt restructuring operations, public finance, financial markets and the links between States and investors. Contemporary forms of law and sovereignty are at the heart of his concerns. In particular, he studies legal disputes between States and creditors, and the extraterritorial role of US justice.
He is the author of "L’ordre de la dette. Enquête sur les infortunes de l’État et la prospérité du marché", (éditions La Découverte, 2016).
As well as: "L’ordre de la dette maintenu "whatever it takes" : après l’argent "magique", le retour aux sacrifices ?" Mouvements 2021/1 (n° 105), pages 105 to 115.
And, with Quentin Deforge: "The Global South Debt Revolution That Wasn’t. UNCTAD from Technocractic Activism to Technical Assistance", in Penet Pierre and Juan Flores Zendejas, "Sovereign Debt Diplomacies: Rethinking sovereign debt from colonial empires to hegemony", Oxford University Press, 2021.

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