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Isabelle Cassiers

Isabelle Cassiers is a Professor of Economics and Economic History at the Université catholique de Louvain (UCL) and a Research Associate at the Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research (FNRS). She is also a member of the Belgian Royal Academy (Class of Technology and Society), and of the Club of Rome (EU Chapter). For thirty years (1975-2005), her scientific research was dedicated to economic and social history. An in-depth analysis of the Belgian case (in international comparison) enabled her to put into perspective contemporary themes, including social dialogue, monetary policy, banks and the State, changes in the role of the latter over the course of the twentieth century. Her historical research has convinced her of the urgent necessity of a transdisciplinary reflection on the theme of redefining prosperity, to which she has devoted herself since 2006, with particular attention to the issue of indicators "beyond GDP". She has edited Redefining Prosperity (Routledge 2014; Aube 2011 in French) and co-edited (with Kevin Maréchal and Dominique Méda) Post-growth Economics and Society: Exploring the Paths of a Social and Ecological Transition (to be published by Routledge; Aube 2017 in French). More on

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