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BEYOND CONTROL, BEYOND REFORM: THE EU’s Energy Charter Treaty Dilemma

[English] [français]

Tuesday, 29th Sept 2020, 16:00 | European Parliament, Brussels - via Zoom (EN-FR interpretation)

The European Union is currently renegotiating the Energy Charter Treaty that focuses on investment in the energy industry. There are concerns the Treaty is incompatible with the Paris Agreement on climate change, in particular because this treaty contains an ISDS clause, the so-called investor protector mechanism. The ECT has been used in more arbitrations than any other international agreement.

This conference is organized for the launch of a new study conducted by Ciaran Cross for GUE/NGL exploring key issues with the Treaty and possible ways forward.


Welcome & Introduction
Emmanuel Maurel, GUE/NGL (France), Helmut Scholz, GUE/NGL (Germany)

Presentation of the study
by author CIARAN CROSS

Comments on the study
Lise Johnson, Columbia Center of Sustainable Investment
Amandine Van Den Berghe, ClientEarth
Fabian Flues, Powershift
Mathilde Dupré, Veblen Institute

Helmut Scholz, GUE/NGL (Germany)

No registration needed. Link to join this webinar.

Paul-Emile Dupret
+32 (0)2 284 20 67
paul-emile.dupret at

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